10 Things You Don't Know About Bharat Benz Sleeper Coach!

Bharat Benz Sleeper Coach
Bharat Benz Sleeper Coach

The All new Bharat Benz manufactured at JCBL facility was recently launched to meet the growing demands in the industry. The bus comes with the structure of box and the tubular section at all sides. Its aluminum design ensures that the Bharat Benz sleeper bus operates at maximum efficiency in terms of fuel and performance. The All new 12 meter 16T BS- IV intercity chassis fills the gap in the buses in India for those who are looking for a comfortable ride traveling inter cities.


The tour bus manufacturers equip buses with the latest features that make your travel a delightful one. Moreover, the bus is also technologically advanced in terms of electrical and electronics accessories, and in every way. Overall, your travel is completely taken care and there is not a stressful event while someone travels in one of these buses. Enjoy your travel and leave the worries behind during the travel.


The Bharat Benz complies with the standards of BS IV. This makes it to be environmentally friendly and releases less pollutant into the air. The buses comply with the Supreme Court order that all vehicles should be BS IV compliant before April 1, 2017.


Bharat benz sleeper coach


The top bus manufacturers in India produce coaches that are equipped with one of the most technologically advanced mechanics that makes your travel both safer and comfortable. The plush interiors and the exteriors give a stunning look and feel to the Bharat Benz buses. Whether it may be seating, or watching panoramic views through the windows, walking on the aisle, every detail of your travel is taken into consideration during the design of the Bharat Benz coaches. Bharat Benz buses are synonymous to luxury and in the design of this bus, JCBL, has taken the design to the next level by giving a great treat for travelers.


The bus manufacturers have designed the sides, roof and rear section in the form of the tubular section. It ensures more stability and strength to the bus during its intercity trips. Quite recently the Bharat Benz sleeper coaches have been designed and manufactured by JCBL to meet the industry demand.


Here are 10 things that you should know about the Bharat Benz sleeper coaches:


Bharat benz sleeper coach features


  • Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design favors the Bharat Benz bus to maintain fuel efficiency as well as its performance. Bharat Benz buses are known for its performance and the luxurious comfort level it provides. The aluminum body makes it very light and improves its performance to achieve great speed. The ergonomic design makes the bus to be versatile to balance all the elements of travel.


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  • Motorized Reclining berths



Comfort is synonymous to the Bharat Benz brand. The buses are fitted with motorized reclining berths, so one can put themselves to rest comfortably during long distance travel. The berths incline and decline gently at the push of a button. There are 30 berths in total and the bus offers comfort like never before.


  • LED screen


LED screen in bharat benz sleeper coach


The bus is equipped with infotainment screen on every berth inside the coach. The entertainment is highly personalized so you could enjoy every bit of your travel in one of these super luxury coaches. There is no shortage of entertainment for the travelers. It is also included with a headset, so there is no need to carry any kind of electronic devices as the bus is completely equipped with all-round entertainment. In the 13.5” LED screens, favorite programs or movies can be viewed while forgetting about stress during travel.


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  • Flooring

The flooring is wooden in nature with plywood that provides a firm grip while walking up and down the aisle. The driver area is fitted with vinyl coated flooring.


  • Passenger door


Passenger door in bharat benz sleeper coach


The passenger door opens automatically with the pneumatic out swing that is operated through electrical means. These luxury touches in the Bharat Benz coach make it one of the most desirable buses for travel.


  • Reading lights

The reading lights are amongst the coolest things in this bus. With every detail of travel considered, one can surely enjoy their travel comfortably and without any kind of stress. Bring a favorite book and read through it with the help of the reading lights. The ambiance inside the coaches is simply extraordinary to the extent that you will be immersed totally in an unforgettable experience. The bus companies in India like the Bharat Benz coach is one of a kind that meets every need of a traveler.


  • Electronic rear view mirror

Safety is a great concern in the design and implementation of the Bharat Benz coach bus. The rear view mirror can be electronically adjusted by the driver. These are some of the safety elements that have been added into the coach design of the buses in India.


  • Chargers on every seat

Forget about the hassles of carrying a charger for electronic devices, whether a phone, tablet or a laptop. Every seat is equipped with a charger to conveniently charge electronic devices. Simply plug in your phone and forget about the hassle of carrying a charge everywhere you go.


  • Air conditioner


bharat benz sleeper coach interior


Air conditioners are ductless in order to provide more space in the interior sections of the coach. The air conditioners ensure that your travel is comfortable and you can breathe fresh air throughout your journey right from the word go.


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  • Emergency Exit


Emergency exit in sleeper coach by JCBL


The foldable ladder cum emergency door is fitted at the rear end in case of unwanted events. All safety measures are considered in the design and execution of Bharat Benz coaches. In case of emergency, you may simply push the door open at the rear end and make your exit through these doors. Traveling in these coaches is extremely safe as safety is given a priority during the design and implementation phase.


Add your comment on the experience in traveling in one of these coach buses or if someone is looking forward to traveling in these luxury coaches.


Posted Comments

Sunil Nalavade  4/24/2017 4:49:21 AM

Very good design, and safety, as you have rear door and I think the Glass window can also be broken in case of emergency.

JCBL Ltd : Thanks for sharing your views with us Sunil. All safety measures are considered in the design and execution of Bharat Benz coach.

Parvez mumbai  4/24/2017 7:42:15 AM

Its a beautifully completed designed bus happy for the industry

JCBL Ltd : Thank you for sharing your feedback Parvez. Stay connected for more interesting blogs.

rajan travels jodhpur  4/29/2017 8:39:36 AM

please tell us the prices list for this n how to book this one

JCBL Ltd : Thanks for showing interest in our product. We will get back to you soon.

rajeshkumar bhati,oner is shree jagdamba travels,dahod,gujrat  5/7/2017 4:23:28 AM

i like your creation its v.god,please send me all details about bus and photos in my mail and watsapp.priss to.my no is;9924116770

JCBL Ltd : Thank you for your feedback Rajesh Kumar. We will send you the details soon. 

kiran Shenoy  5/21/2017 10:27:08 PM

what is the cost of this beast! has it been launched in the market and who will do the after sales service, whether JCBL/ Bharat Benz!

JCBL Ltd : Thank you for your interest in JCBL Kiran. We will contact you soon with the required details.

A c Gohel  6/3/2017 1:38:01 AM

Very good design very good interior for safe journey.

JCBL Ltd : Thank you for your feedback Gohel.

Rohit varma  6/9/2017 5:51:58 AM

Want cotation for this bus. My email id ... Want to make this bus

JCBL Ltd: Thanks Rohit for your interest in JCBL. We will send you the quotations soon.

Parthiban  6/20/2017 10:19:08 AM

Price details plz

JCBL Ltd: Thanks Parthiban for your interest in JCBL. We will send you the quotations soon.

Jaydip ravindra patil  6/22/2017 2:53:53 AM

Send mi bus model,chasis model,price,interior,ac make,and etc... Jaydip patil 9922231877 Shirur maharashtra...

JCBL Ltd: Thanks Jaydip for your interest in JCBL. We will send you the details soon.

Aniket  6/25/2017 1:27:14 AM Why do you build 2+1 sleeper coaches...How can u expect two strangers to sleep in a same berth..?Why cant u bulid 1+1 sleeper coaches ?
sandesh patil  7/19/2017 2:24:33 AM

want quotations of this bharat benz sleeper bus.

JCBL Ltd: Thanks Sandesh for your interest in JCBL. We will send you the Quotations soon.

Chirag shah  7/26/2017 8:19:15 PM

Please give me details about this bharatbenz chasis we intrested to purchase this chasis.

JCBL Ltd: Thanks Chirag for your interest in JCBL. We will send you the details soon.

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