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The bus building process involves lot of intricacies right from providing the right dimensions up to flooring the bus with the right materials. Apart from it, they include painting, seating capacity, and rails to make the experience of a traveller a true delight. Often times it’s not the case as we come across buses with cramped spaces, and inefficient design that causes a hassled ride for commuters. Let’s look at some of the customization features in bus manufacturing along with great bus designs through this blog.

There are many things to take into consideration while choosing the best bus manufacturers in India. Some of the factors include Stability, Dimensions, Fuel consumption, Emission standards, Accessibility etc.

JCBL, a bus manufacturing company in India is indeed the only organization that provides an integrated solution for bus manufacturing right from fabrication up-to finishing. They specialize in operations such as cutting, panelling, grinding, pre and post painting and also consider safety equipments, where most of these operations are derived from the decade of experience offered by JCBL. Customers get a wholesome solution package with their workers executing welding and paint jobs in building coaches with hard hats, covers, eye wear, respirators and face shields.


Expertise in Customization


bus customization


When you are ready to purchase transportation from the best bus body builders in India for your organization, it is important to be thoughtful that you can always customize your transportation needs according to your specific situation. When we talk about customization, it includes – to choose the right chassis for your bus, whether to use gas or a diesel engine, the number of seats that you may require, seat fabric, flooring facility, ample storage and many more. We will further make an attempt to discuss some of the customization features to build a new bus.




Bus chassis


The chassis is the central base of the bus upon which the bus body is built upon. JCBL has worked extensively with the automotive majors in converting the chassis of buses like Bharat Benz and Ashok Leyland into comfortable buses for travel.


Gas vs. Diesel vs. Alternative Fuels

Depending on whether you travel a lot of miles will help you to decide the suitable engine for your need. If you are looking at somewhere over 20,000 kilometres per year then a diesel option may suit better. However, diesel engines are a bit expensive than their petrol counterparts although the price of diesel is cheaper than petrol.




bus seating


Next in line is the seating aspect. Quite obviously, it depends on the number of passengers you carry. There are many types of seating fabrics that are available including cloth, vinyl; there are also anti-microbial features to provide a hygienic environment inside the buses.




bus storage


Buses are configured with storage above the seats much like the aircraft storage or  the rear end with a dedicated storage space. In cases of large buses there are under bay storage facility available. Having the right storage space for travellers makes the journey really enjoyable and hassle-free.



 bus flooring


There are different kinds of flooring available for buses. For example, the anti-skid flooring is a high-quality flooring that will provide a firm grip while moving within the coaches.They also specialize in different kinds of flooring that suits the budget and requirement of bus builders.

JCBL has spent nearly 3 decades in bus and coach manufacturing in India. It has quickly grown into a bus body building company that provides one-stop solution for all your automotive needs right from coach building, Luxury buses manufacturer India, school bus, special application vans and so on.

The reputation of JCBL is evident from our adherence to quality standards like ISO 9001 & TS 16 949 and our partnerships from leading OEM’s like Bharat Benz buses, Ashok Leyland’s; and an approved automobile research centre by DSIR. Their trademarks include


  • 100,000 vehicles on road,
  • 98 % happy customers,
  • 500 trained personnel, and
  • timely delivery.

Reasons that makes JCBL different from other bus body builder:


  • Top Quality products and services that meet the highest standards
  • A long tradition of innovation in mobility solutions
  • They can customize as per your solutions and needs
  • Robust technical knowhow and industry expertise
  • Reliable and responsive collaborations and partnerships
  • Large production capacity guaranteeing fast delivery
  • They lay great emphasis on our designs


Bharat Benz sleeper coach by JCBL


Bharat benz sleeper coach by JCBL


How often have we complained about our backs being painful or having a severe headache, or even our bowel growling when we are on a long distance travel on a bus? Exactly, travelling in a bus is never easy with cramped spaces, insufficient legroom to stretch or a sultry atmosphere in the bus because there is no proper ventilation. Is that how a bus travel is supposed to be? We definitely want to answer to that question in the negative.

Here comes Bharat Benz, a new AC sleeper bus to break the conventional travel experience and release a breath of fresh air into travel. One might be really curious as to what might be so special in this coach bus that people rave so much about. The newly launched Bharat Benz bus brands in India sets new heights this time for all sorts of travel. Whether you are looking for a long distance tour amidst your work schedule or an inter-city travel, the Bharat Benz comes has the perfect solution for your travel requirement. Step into one of these luxurious sleeper coach builders in North India and simply forget your world behind during travel in these high-tech buses.


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KNOW Vehicle built by JCBL


Knowledge on wheels by JCBL


The KNOW vehicle from the automotive major JCBL is engineered precisely to meet modern day training requirements. To get a feel; think of a giant container vehicle equipped with a cubicle classroom within, offering state-of-the-art facilities for exclusive training purpose. The KNOW vehicle is thoughtfully designed and developed to serve this purpose. Undoubtedly, KNOW crosses many training barriers such as dearth of resources, uneven training, lack of facilities, etc.

KNOW is synonymous to mobile training solution. The classrooms are placed on the wheels to undergo training at any part of the country. It should indeed be a fascinating experience to be part of an innovative technology like KNOW. Most importantly, students and executives are highly benefitted through the mobile training platform. These training concepts facilitate a paradigm shift in training methods to address the rapidly evolving business world.


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We would like to know about your experience in the bus manufacturing process for your business. Has your vendor been able to meet the precise customization requirements to make the journey in your bus enjoyable and comfortable? JCBL offers world class bus manufacturing process for the last 28 years and has a record of 100,000 buses on road till date. Their dedication to providing quality buses is deeply rooted in design and the overall bus manufacturing process.

Please share your bus manufacturing experience for your business requirements that you really think was a challenging one.

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