Improving Agricultural Efficiency through Agricultural Implements

Improving Agricultural Efficiency through Agricultural Implements
Improving Agricultural Efficiency through Agricultural Implements

India is a country that stands second in the world for highest agriculture output! It is a country that ranks amongst the top five for 80 percent of products produced from farm! It is a country that is also the 7th largest exporter of agricultural goods. Still, isn’t it astonishing that an average Indian farmer makes only Rs 6,426 a month and some even less?

According to a recent study, it is concluded that the most important reason behind the low income of average Indian farmers is in their farming techniques of doing farming without any agricultural implement. Though, a country with a huge number of agricultural machinery manufacturers, there is a significant amount of farmers which doesn’t use any agricultural implements. Even some people do farming without tractors in India. This is proven by the fact that up to 55% of total cultivation of land in India is still worked by animals like buffalo, oxen and camels.

How to improve Agricultural Efficiency?


Agricultural efficiency.


The argriclutural efficiency can be improved by introducing latest agricultural implements on the field for the smooth cultivation of land. Moreover, taking care of the field and crops is equally important. Following are the methods which will help you know how to increase the agricultural efficiency of your farm to yield best results.

The farmers should use tractors instead of relying on animals. It will not only yield to productive results but also help in maintaining the good health of the farmer. They greatly help in pulling in the heavy supplies and equipment used on the farm. For best results in cultivation, Tractors & sturdy trolleys are a must.


 Tractor in farming.


Now, tractors which come with agricultural implements like cultivators or broadcast seeders greatly help in pulverisation of soil to prepare it for the plantation of crops. Moreover, the main motive of broadcast seeder is to disperse the seedlings in different patterns throughout the land whose cultivation has been done recently, with the help of disc rotators.

Another agricultural implement that could greatly increase the agricultural efficiency is seed drill. The main function of seed drill is to dig the hole in the ground and then plants the seeds and food grains and after that, it covers them in the soil. After the harvesting begins, a harvester is used for the cutting of plants and extracting it for processing. This tool greatly helps when you have very large areas of farm tracts and greatly increases the agricultural efficiency of the land.


Even if we use all this techniques and implements, still there is always a chance of losing the crop. In fact, loss of crop is the biggest nightmare of any farmer. It is because of the fact that crops are highly vulnerable to natural born critters. Even the air or the soil itself can be harmful to the crop. So, the only solution to prevent this is pressure sprayer. These sprayers protect your crops from being infected by dispersing pesticides throughout the farm.


Farmer in farm land.


In the end, the most important thing which plants require for thriving is water. Both less, as well as the excess of water, can be harmful. And it becomes very difficult especially in the case of large farm tracts. So, we use Sprinkler. The main idea of water sprinkler is to sprinkle the water in large parts and also in evenly. And this is the reason why modern irrigation system always recommends the installation of sprinkler pumps in the farms.


Irrigation system in farming.


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