KNOW Vehicle: The Best Mobile Training Solution

Best mobile training solution
Best mobile training solution

Are you lacking a proper training facility and looking for innovative ways to fill the gap to provide training to your students and executives across the country. If that’s what you want, this article is for you, as it describes in detail about the new concept that is introduced called KNOW, which means “Knowledge on Wheels”. The KNOW vehicle is exclusively developed for the main reason to provide training to your staff overcoming location barriers.

How many times have we come across situations where we were not prepared to conduct training sessions owing to lack of infrastructure or other reasons? The dynamic business environment demands that we are on the go to build our business successfully. Turn to the new millennium and think of a scenario where there is a ready-made training environment at a place of your choice, that’s exactly what KNOW manufactured by JCBL offers.

What is the KNOW Vehicle?     



KNOW vehicle is exclusively developed to be a mobile training center. Rightfully called as the “knowledge on wheels”, it offers knowledge to participants in an innovative manner. For instance, let’s consider a scenario, where an organization is in a rapid growth phase and are lacking facilities to train their executives on their upcoming products. Now, envision a huge container, powered with high power engine and equipped with many features that include seating, interiors, AC to offer practical training on the go. That is exactly what KNOW is for – a mobile container vehicle offering training facility for students and executives. The KNOW vehicle can travel to any part of the country without any limitation and can provide a sophisticated level of training. In a nutshell, the mammoth size of the container vehicle equipped with training infrastructure for mobile– that’s KNOW for you.

Equipped with training facility


Equipped with training facility

Introducing the KNOW vehicle, developed exclusively to meet training requirements. If you are looking for training sessions on the go then KNOW could well be the answer. The KNOW vehicle has a spacious setting to accommodate up to 11 pupils for a practical training session to demonstrate your product and conduct knowledge sessions. It’s a well thought out design with visual display onscreen, wall charts and fully air-conditioned rooms to provide a great learning experience. Precisely, it’s perfect to train executives and students in a practical setting.



The gigantic KNOW is exclusively developed for training purposes. Rightly branded as knowledge on wheels, the KNOW vehicle is dedicated to provide knowledge to students. Whether you need to impart training to students, dealership, display parts or project-oriented discussion, KNOW can be the perfect training solution for you. KNOW vehicle breaks the barrier of physical training space and facilitates a mobile platform for undergoing training.


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 Fully air-conditioned training room

  • Offer practical training with available storage container to carry physical parts like engines and aggregates
  • Accommodates a full team(up to 11 pupils) for knowledge sessions
  • Side and rear door opening operated hydraulically with a ramp
  • Cabinet cum table to store parts and used as a working table
  • Fire extinguisher and first-aid box
  • Anti-Skid Flooring

Engine and Performance


know vehicle engine and performance

The KNOW vehicle is powered by an H Series 4 Cylinder turbocharged intercooled engine which produces ample power to take you anywhere in the country. The vehicle is meant to travel across the country to provide training sessions on the go.




  • Engine – H series 4 Cylinder Turbocharged intercooled
  • Hydraulically operated doors with ramp
  • 22 Ft and 24 Ft in overall length
  • Wheelbase – 4750 mm, 5200 mm
  • Wind deflector
  • Air Conditioned training room




know vehicle interiors

The KNOW vehicle is designed with a fully stacked training room to provide a practical training atmosphere for staff and students. The well laid out design of the training room can comfortably seat up to 11 pupils and the trainer. The LED visual displays and wall charts provide a smart class environment for effective training programs. The air-conditioned facility and ample storage space ensure that the staff has the right ambiance during training sessions. The ‘cabinet cum table’ installed in the front section can be used as a storage space for physical demo parts and a working table.

KNOW provides convenient training sessions

When you think about KNOW, the word that pops out is convenience. Students can enjoy a surreal learning environment equipped with a fully air-conditioned facility, while get trained at any place as per their choice. Fast-growing companies may often find difficulties like coordinating with staff across regional divisions, KNOW can help in such scenarios by providing a mobile training experience. KNOW is well equipped to fulfill any training requirement especially practical training on physical parts like engine and aggregate parts.


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KNOW provides mobility


know vehicle

To discuss a little deeper about KNOW, its specialty lies on mobile training service. It’s basically a training center on the go without any infrastructure barriers. Irrespective of your location, it is now possible to conduct a practical training session for your resources. Students, dealerships are highly benefitted through the state-of-the-art KNOW vehicle.

KNOW breaks infrastructure barriers

Much like everything seems virtual over the internet, there is no need for a physical facility anymore for training purpose. With the advent of KNOW, you can improve the efficiency of your organization through a mobile training center. Why waste resources? when you can easily adapt by having mobile training centers. The KNOW vehicle has adequate storage space to store physical parts for practical training. Undoubtedly, KNOW breaks the infrastructure barriers providing a ready to go training environment, truly one of a kind training solution.

KNOW resounds as the perfect solution for mobile training solution in the market. It’s time to think new ways to meet our rapid growing initiatives, and the KNOW vehicle has got it right. Please share your thoughts and experience about your training experience such as this.


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