How Buses Are Key To Success For Improving Air Quality?

Buses can improving air quality
Buses can improving air quality

It was horrific to watch the 24 vehicle long traffic crash on Yamuna expressway caused due to the Delhi air pollution during last year. Secondly, the innocent children are greatly affected with diseases and their academics go for a toss with Delhi schools closed due to pollution. Our senior citizens have to take proper care to improve their state of health, but with rising smog issues in Delhi and NCR region this is a big question mark. The Delhi air pollution can be termed as an endless sage that wrecks havoc in the lives of the residents.

Let us try to understand the underpinnings of the causes of this severe air pollution. The air pollution in Delhi statistics revealed by authorities on air pollution is only next to being depressive. The statistics reveal that the air quality index Delhi rose up to 999 instead of the recommended index of 100. That’s way too high and should put us on caution mode to fix this issue at the earliest. The next question that pops up is what really causes smog in Delhi year after year.

Reasons For Smog In Delhi

 reason for smog in delhi


  • Burning of crops in adjacent states like Punjab and Haryana is believed to be a major cause of smog
  • No doubt, the increase in number of population is a factor wherein there are more number of vehicles on road than ever before
  • Failure to follow the emission standards
  • Bursting of crackers during the Diwali festive season adds to the fuel of the smog level in Delhi
  • Lit garbage is another factor that leads to air pollution
  • The road dust is a menace and there should be some ways to get rid of it.
  • The surrounding power plants and factories also contribute to the air pollution.
    People are vastly affected.


We, the people are vastly affected due to the smog level in Delhi. As responsible citizens we can indeed sense that there is something that each one of us can do. For instance, we can choose to travel in public transport instead of driving in our diesel powered car to the office. It gives us time off the wheels and also reduces the pollution drastically. Especially for the teenagers, they can stay away from bursting crackers during the Diwali season and put in their efforts to reduce smog level in Delhi. If we act responsibly and begin to take precautionary measures we can definitely put an end to the air pollution menace.


people affected by smog in delhi


The implications of air pollution are getting vast. Air quality and smog levels have gone to the extent that children are unable to go to school during the worst hit days. They are also susceptible to the diseases that accompany air pollution. Serious respiratory issues are caused in children who are exposed to this highly dangerous scenario. It’s like losing freedom and one is curtailed from going outside due to the risk of being affected due to the poisonous smog.

However positive we have tried to remain, the Delhi pollution level is at last getting duly noticed now due to the implications of health. The government has taken appropriate initiative to reduce the air pollution. For example, they have shut certain industries during the smog period, closing schools and advising children not to play outside, monitoring environment are some of the initiatives to curb the smog. Nevertheless in every sense people may be worried if this smog issue will remain to be an endless saga.

Air Quality Extremely Low


Air Quality Extremely Low


One of the reasons for major worry is because the pollutants are decreasing the air quality. The pollutant arise from the burnt crops in neighbouring states, unnecessary vehicle emissions due to increased number of vehicles on road, road dust – these factors combine to decrease the quality of air to a great extent. The air quality is reduced to the level that turns out to be at toxic levels for the residents. As the statistics reveal the air quality stands at 349 at some places which are very poor conditions. There were news sources making rounds – Don’t gift infected lungs to children.

Living in such hazardous air quality is a leading cause to respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases. Emergency measures need to be taken to immediately resolve this crisis. The government has to step forward and bring in innovative ways to approach this problem and resolve it and aid in helping people to live in a healthier environment.

Children Severely Affected


pollution affecting childrens in delhi


Why do the innocent children have to be affected by these smog issues? Their health is in jeopardy and they barely have the resistance to fight diseases caused by air pollution. As responsible adults, our duty is to provide a safe environment for our children so that they do not fall prey to the toxic gases in the air.


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Doctors have attested to increased number of admissions during the smog season. Smog is a major cause of respiratory diseases with high level of pollutants in the air. Coupled with the poisonous gases from the nearby industries are the leading causes of diseases among the Delhi residents. Some of the health effects as quoted by the doctors include breathlessness, chest constriction, eye irritation, asthma and allergy cases.

Buses Improves Air Quality


Buses improves air quality


Buses are indeed the perfect solution to curb the imminent pollution levels in Delhi presently. Let’s take a scenario of a person travelling in a car versus taking the public transport to get to his or her office. With a diesel powered car he can carry a maximum of 3 passengers but it is more likely that he is travelling by himself to work. Whereas, if he opts to take the public transport, there are going to be 50 other passengers travelling with him. Doing the math, it is a clear sign of reducing the air pollution in the surrounding environment.

Public transportation like buses are one of the strategies that need to be eyed upon if one needs to deal with the air pollution levels effectively before the situation deteriorates. Moreover, bus building companies will ensure that extra filters are fitted so that the emissions level out of the buses are extremely low thereby preserving the environment. So, we are talking about double savings here.

Undoubtedly, buses are the resources to look up to reduce the drastic pollution level in Delhi. As a responsible citizen and in our efforts to save our children we can opt to travel in public transportation that can easily bring the air quality levels from ‘severe’ to ‘under control’ level in a moment’s time. Moreover, buses are a safe mode of transportation; accidents can be avoided with dedicated and trained drivers on the seat. There are more chances for the city to return to normalcy with the use of public buses in the city.


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Air Quality Rescues Diseases


Air quality rescues diseases

What would you think is one of the primary factors to live a healthy life? Quite obviously, it’s our surroundings – the environment. We are the inhabitants of the city and it makes sense to think that we have to care for our environment if we need to make it sustainable.

Air pollution amounts to the 2nd leading risk factor in India according to medical resources. It is the sole reason for non communicable diseases such as respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases.

Buses Decrease Pollution

bus reduces air pollution


In the end, buses come as a rescue mechanism to reduce pollution. A good strategy and administration of traffic facilities can do a great deal in cutting the air pollution.


What do you have to say about the Delhi air pollution?, voice your opinions in the comment section.


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