Future Energy: Can Buses Run On Coffee?

What is the first thing that you think about every morning? Well, it will definitely be your beloved coffee.  Nothing gets the day started like a nice tall cup of coffee, right? Many people cannot imagine their day without drinking 2 or 3 cups of this flavored drink. With so many coffee drinkers out there, wouldn’t it be a wise decision to use the used coffee grounds to create fuel? So that instead of ending up in landfills, the coffee grounds can be used as a biofuel.


Can Buses Run on Coffee?

 can buses run on coffee


Yes! You heard it right. A new startup in London has amalgamated with Shell to test the feasibility of using coffee ground waste as biofuel. Now, are you thinking, “Can buses probably run on coffee waste?” Well, the answer is yes. With the depleting air quality, we are always looking for an alternative way to make the air cleaner. So it is no surprise that coach building companies are coming up with alternative renewable energies to fuel automobiles.


Win-Win Situation


Turning the coffee waste into biofuel will be a win-win situation for everyone. The fuel will be created with a mixture of coffee oil extracted from the coffee ground waste and a number of other organic components. The fuel will then be presented at special fill station in London for the city buses.


A Start-Up Idea


 Turning used Coffee Beans into Fuel


Bio-Bean, the London start-up has come up with a biodiesel known as B20 which is not only sustainable but also helps reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by as much as 15% compared to standard diesel fuel. Various leading bus manufacturers around the globe are planning to implement this idea as there are millions of coffee cups being consumed on daily basis and thus a large number of coffee ground waste is produced daily.


While this concept is started in London, it will fast catch up in other cities around the globe as well. According to Bio-Bean, “They can easily recycle 50,000 tonnes of coffee waste per year. The UK produces 500,000 tonnes of waste out of which 200,000 tonnes of waste is produced alone by London. On an average, a Londoner drinks 2.3 cups of coffee daily.”


Coffee Fuel Commuters in More than One Way


According to Bio Bean Founder, Arthur Kay,“It’s a great example of what can be done when we start to reimagine waste as an untapped resource.” In the coming time, coffee will be fueling commuters in more than one way. Apart from keeping them awake, coffee will also make it easier for them to commute from one place to another.


When mixed with diesel, coffee oil will help reduce emission. Bio-Bean will source the coffee waste from factories and coffee shops. However, when mixed with diesel, the coffee will not retain its delicious aroma. So don’t expect that the buses will give out the Starbucks-scented Pumpkin Latte exhaust.


Smog in Delhi is making it difficult to breathe



Over the years, Delhi, the capital city of India, has earned the unenviable distinction of being one of the most polluted cities in the world. Last month, in November, the pollution surged so high that it was categorized in the upper limit of the worst category.


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Delhi Chief MinisterArvind Kejriwal, even called the city a Gas Chamber, therefore, it is important to take up the right step now! Various coach building companies are planning to launch the buses that run on alternative source of energy to help reduce pollution and improve the air quality.


Buses With Hybrid Engine a Success


 hybrid bus


The authorities in Delhi want a way out to make sure the air in the city is cleaner to breathe in. For years, the government has been trying to use vehicles that run on low carbon engines. However, it has been only recently that the concentration of pollutants, harmful nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are increasing in the city’s air. 


People in Delhi are experiencing health crises caused by poor quality of air. It has been reported that people die prematurely due to poor air quality. Therefore, OEMs are coming forward to partner with startupswhich are offering alternative energies as a way to fuel buses and other vehicles.


Coffee- A Component of Bio-Fuel


 coffee fuel


Coffee is fast becoming a popular component of biofuel that will be used in London buses in the near future. As a pure-blend, 6,000 liters of coffee oil provided by the company will be able to provide enough fuel to power a bus for a year.


On Earth, coffee is one of the most popular foods. Start-ups such as Bio-Bean are encouraging people to reuse their waste to clean the polluted air and reduce waste on the face of the earth. Bio-Bean also plans to tie up long-term with companies such as the ones producing instant coffee to put the coffee waste to good use.


Interesting Reason to Drink Coffee

 drinking coffee to contribute their part to fuel buses


There is no shortage of coffee beans on this planet and if we choose to reuse the waste products, the problem of scaling up of the product will also be diminished. So here was an interesting reason to continue drinking your coffee without feeling guilty. In the near future, buses will run on fuel generated by coffee waste.


The Startup, Bio-Bean is gathering coffee waste from coffee chains and converting it into liquid fuel. After the success of this project, other countries in the world will also follow suit. Initially bio-fuel was created from ethanol, however, over the years; we have seen a lot of development in the industry.


Will Tea-Fuelled Buses Become a Reality Too?


In the coming few months, it will be no surprise if someone tells you that they are drinking coffee to contribute their part to fuel buses. With India contributing to nearly 40% of the global tea users, it will be interesting to see when the tea-fueled buses become a reality in the country.


Are you excited to ride a tea or coffee fuelled bus? A bus that runs on an alternative source of energy? Let us know in the comment section below!!


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