5 Things That Make Destiny, The Super Luxury Travel Coach A Dream Vehicle

What makes a journey pleasurable and memorable is the fun of travelling together. Although all modes of transportation are easily accessible to all, there is nothing that beats a bus ride. Be it a group of college-goers or adults; there is something exciting and enjoyable about touring from one city to the other in a travel coach.

To make people treasure more such memories in the comfort of luxury, Destiny, a super-luxury travel coach was recently launched by JCBL at the Prawaas 2019, the India International Bus & Car Travel Show, in Mumbai. The super luxury bus offers a personalized experience with its high-quality exteriors and seamless blend of elegant interiors.

Excited to know more? Well, it thrills us to share the 5 features that are all set to make your every journey a remarkable expedition. So, let’s get started-


1. Comfort
Reclining berths in destiny
Being the leading luxury bus manufacturers of India, we know the first thing that travellers look for in a journey is a comfort. Thus, Destiny was designed, keeping the comfort of passengers and the driver as one of the primary criteria. The team paid the minutest attention to every detail and came up with the ergonomically designed seats, that provide greater comfort and relaxation with the push on push off button for incline and decline. The 18 reclining berths and nine business class executive seats are comfortable, spacious, offer suitable leg-room and come with other hosts of gadgets and facilities. To fit in the luggage, the coach provides a massive 9.5 m3 capacity.

 Driver cabin in Destiny

For the comfort of the driver, it has an all direction adjustable driver seat and a foldable Co-driver seat. It also provides them with a spacious cabin which has a separate door to enter. This confirms the man behind the wheel to ride with full comfort, alertness and focus. The cabin also has a fitted in-cabin cold and hot case which is placed conveniently at an easy-to-reach distance of travel-snacking munchies and food.


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2. Personalized experience
Sliding table in Destiny
Destiny is a one-stop super luxury coach that offers an unbeatable experience to everyone travelling. The travel coach offers easy-to-access features like a sliding table that is sturdy and stable to hold a laptop, a tablet and a tray for meals. The berth cabins are furnished with exceptionally designed blinds that not only add to the decor of the bus but also provides privacy and personal space to every passenger. All seats come with multiple USB charging points that are comfortably accessible to power-up any electronic gadget. It also has a separate shoe rack for carefully placing the shoes or sandals. To add to the unparalleled experience, every seat has its individual 18" LED screen with headphones. It also has pre-loaded Bollywood and Hollywood movies, television shows and music to make the journey even more enjoyable.

 LED screen with headphones

3. Safety
CCTV camera in Destiny
Regardless of the mode of transportation, the safety of passengers and the driver is crucial at all times. To tackle this critical aspect, the company assured that Destiny, the super-luxury travel coach was not only about looks and comfort but also safety and care. For this, the high-end model went through various road-safety as well as impact tests that confirmed that this big, good-looking vehicle was secure for long-distance journeys. Another plus that the bus has is inevitably its size that makes it a safe mode of travel. The coach is also made up of a robust structure to sustain maximum impact, from all sides and even rare effortlessly. The tires are smooth and can bear the maximum brunt and friction of the road to guarantee the passengers a bumpy-free and a smooth ride. Additionally. for commuter safety, the bus comes with CCTV cameras.


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4. Fuel-Efficiency

 BS-IV engine in destiny

The other highlighting attributes of this super-luxury travel coach is it being a remarkably fuel-efficient mode of transport. This beast on the road is not a fuel-gulper but in fact, gives a good on-road average. This also results in reduced operational cost and frequent visits to the service center. Its BS-IV engine guarantees more power, fuel efficiency and a clean and healthy environment. The engine abides by all required regulations, making it an apt choice for intercity travel.


5. Happiness


Are you surprised to read this as a feature? Well, that's what Destiny offers. The happiness of reaching the destination in a comfortable and luxurious travel coach. Taking a ride on this superlative vehicle will provide each individual with their own travel story that will be special and bring a smile every time. After all, the aim to design Destiny was to make every trip delightful and memorable.

So, we say, taking a trip on Destiny, is not just a pleasurable way to travel, but it is an experience that can only be experienced.

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SURESH JAIN  8/16/2019 5:09:34 AM

Very nice awesome

Salim Ganatra  9/9/2019 12:10:03 AM

Dear Sir, Very very nice buses if you can come to Kenya make for Kenyan customers these types of buses on Isuzu Chassis also on Nissan chassis also on Scania chasiss . Best regards. Salim ganatra.

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