Did You Know? The Do’s And Don’ts While Travelling On A Bus


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."- — St Augustine


This quote rightly expresses that travelling enables a person to gain an extraordinary experience by exploring a new place and en route meeting new people.


But, along with the joy, there is one aspect of it which can make it strenuous at times, and that is planning for the memorable trip. From weighing the most suitable travel options to discovering schedules, and pricing, etc. every aspect requires research. Though nowadays, airlines are a preferred mode, but if time is not a constraint, then nothing beats the magnetism of travelling by the super luxury travel coaches, especially when in a group.


Luxury travel coaches, with its reclining seats, spacious legroom, privacy with high-quality blinds, and various vital safety measures, makes the experience of travelling by them comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable, especially when in a group.


But before you get excited and book the ticket, we bring you a few do's and don'ts that will make the ride pleasurable.


So, let’s start with the 5 Do’s-


  1. Splurge on the first-class bus

 first class bus


Now that the road trip by a travel coach is in the planning stage, the next step is buying the ticket. So, you visit various websites, call different transport companies to check for a desirable deal. However, even after getting one, don't buy the tickets instantly.

Why? That's because it is essential to review the comfort and safety measures of the coach. These commonly are reclining leather seats, Wi-Fi, power outlets, movie screens, air conditioning, on-board meals, and extra tires. So, please read or inquire about these things beforehand though most operators do have fleets like BharatBenz sleeper that offer luxury and relaxation. But if you're unsure of on-board facilities, then it might be best to book yourself for a relatively expensive, higher quality overnight bus journey than opting for a reasonably priced ticket.


  1. Choose your seat carefully

 choose your seat


After finalizing the coach service, the next significant decision is to select the seat of your choice. As the options here are several, thus decide carefully. So, between an aisle or window seat, the former will let you stretch the legs while the latter will give you a makeshift pillow. Similarly, between the seating section carefully, i.e. front, middle or back, pick the one that will be the most comfortable for you. As a tip, further the seat, the bumpier the ride, so assign yourself a place somewhere in the middle. 


  1. Use noise-cancelling headphones for entertainment

 use headphones


Travelling by a coach means overnight drive along with other passengers. During this time, there might be some unpleasant sounds from outside or within the coach. These may include honking of other vehicles, loud TV or music, people talking or even snoring. Hence, it is recommended carrying a good quality headphone, preferably with a noise-cancellation feature that will block any outwardly sound. Although some luxury buses do provide with the headphones nowadays but to assure a peaceful and enjoyable super-luxury bus drive do invest in a suitable set and listen to your favourite music or watch a movie through the route.


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  1. Bring your own snacks and drinks 

 bring your own snacks


The overnight coach ride may provide you with the meals, but it is still a great idea to carry your own munchies and energy drinks like coconut water or Gatorade. These snacks prove to be useful, in case you find it difficult to fall asleep or end up talking to friends or family until the wee hours. The beverages, on the other hand, will keep you hydrated during the long seating hours of the ride.


  1. Respect the personal space of co-passengers

 respect personal space


Space aboard a bus is limited, and thus it is important to be mindful of staying and keeping your possessions in the designated area. Also, do not sit on anyone else's seat or put your belongings on it. Similarly, if you are travelling with children, who typically have a shorter attention span than adults, then make sure to pack games, colouring books, stories, etc. for them. It will ensure the kids are not disturbing other people on the bus and thus, everyone can have a pleasant trip.


Now the 5 Don'ts


  1. Avoid phone calls

 avoid phone calls


Though avoiding calls completely may be inevitable, but what you can do is, talk softly or whisper. It is unpleasant for people to hear your phone conversation, just as you wouldn't want to listen to theirs. Thus mind the pitch and tone when on the mobile. Also, keep the ringer and text messaging sound of the phone off.


  1. Don’t pack anything smelly


Though a piece of advice was to carry snacks and drinks for the journey, however, this rule comes with a condition. Wondering what? Pack nothing that has a strong smell. It is imperative to be considerate towards fellow passengers and thus advisable to carry regular chips or cookies that do not have any odour. Another important suggestion is to avoid loud, messy food items like poppadum and pickles. These are not the best food for bus travel. Also, keep any litter off the floor.


  1. Don't store valuables in one place


One of the most important guidelines of travelling in a travel coach is to take care of the valuables. Yet some people forget this basic rule and keep all their money in one place. For your security, it is vital to divide valuable belongings like money, jewellery, etc. and storethesein different compartments. Moreover, don't open your purse or wallet during the ride, instead, keep the fair amount ready in hand. It is critical to stay alert to your surroundings and limit your conversation to general topics.


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  1. Don't litter


When travelling, make sure to keep any litter off the floor. Hence, as a practice, collect the waste in a bag to dump later or go to the bin every time to throw it away. Also, in case of any spills, promptly clean up. It can get unpleasant for fellow passengers to step on a dirty or sticky floor. 


  1. Don’t be late

 dont be late


Being on time is integral. Please be heedful to the fact that the bus has more people who are excited to start their journey; waiting for any one person can annoy the entire group. Also, the coach follows a schedule, and it needs to depart on time. Be courteous to your travel companions, and be on time, or better yet, a little earlier than the scheduled time for the timely loading of suitcases and hence, a smooth start of the expedition. 


So, if you have come across such similar or other travelling experiences, then do share it in the comments below. Also, don't forget to spread these tips for a pleasant and pleasurable journey. Bon Voyage!

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