The Secret of Latest Launched Hop On Hop Off

As a tourist, you always look forward to explore the city you are visiting. You want to discover the history of the region, visit the architectural wonders, experience the culture of the city and explore the rich heritage of a place. A destination always captivates the heart of truckload tourists visiting it every year. The awe-inspiring art, beautiful museums, spectacular architecture and more, everything will want you to increase your stay.


But while the city is at its best, have you thought about the time and energy it will take to discover and absorb the majestic and panoramic views of the region? To make things easier and to make sure you don’t miss on any important attraction that the city has to offer, you can choose to explore the region through the best Hop On Hop Off bus tours.


The hop on hop off bus tours allows an individual to scout the beautiful city and enjoy the panoramic views at his own pace. Moreover, the collapsibleroof of the bus gives you a chance to click amazing pictures while enjoying the view as you drive pass the sparkling parks, eating joints, majestic hills, and many other attractions. You can simply hop off the bus at a destination that attracts you and spends as much time exploring the place as you want. Hop on hop off buses makes city sightseeing an easy task as it extensively covers most of the important landmarks, have a number of stops and runs every 10 to 20 minutes. The hop on hop off tourist bus is perfect for first-time travelers in a new city.


Why JCBL Hop On Hop Off Bus?


travelling in hop on hop off


JCBL recently launched a HOP ON HOP OFF BUS with a collapsible roof for an incredible sightseeing experience for anyone who boards this marvel. The one of kind bus has been designed aerodynamically for smoother rides and to soak in all the sweeping views of the cityscapes & landscapes. 


  • The weather can’t alter your plans

 collapsible roof


JCBL Hop on Hop Off bus has a collapsible roof to safeguard your plans in case the weather doesn’t play along the travel plans. The collapsible roof can be opened on a nice cloudy windy day, pulled over on a rainy day or when the sun is directly above the head.


  • Big openable windows for panoramic views

 big openable windows in jcbl hoho


The big openable windows on both sides of the sightseeing bus on both sides are to make sure you spot everything the city or the country side has to offer. If traveler wants the whip of wind in his or her hairall he/she has to do is open the windows.


  • Climate Control


Our country can get steamy during the summer, but our tourist vehicle will keep you cool and fresh. The AC fitted in the vehicle comes into play in the scorching heat of summers.


  • Comfortable Seats

 comfortable seats of jcbl hoho


The seats fitted in the vehicle are comfortable so that one can sit back, relax and savor the views.A revolving chair is fitted near the driver seat for the tour operators to face the on boarders and entertain with the guiding stories.


  • Infotainment system


A mike and sound system is fitted in the vehicle for engaging and informative audio commentary by the tour operator. Infotainment System with cordless PA system is an exciting part of the whole travel experience and the wind will not hinder the sound from the guide’s mouth.


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  • CCTV surveillance and GPS tracking

   know about hop on hop off


The security is of the utmost importance in a moving vehicle. The CCTV cameras installed in the vehicle keeps the on boarders safe and secure and can be tracked in case the bus wandered off.


  • Hop on and off whenever you like


The hop on hop off tourist bus allows you the advantage to get in or get off at any stop along the bus route and experience the majesty of the place. The extensive network of hop on hop off buses ensures that you don’t waste your time while giving you the opportunity to explore the landmarks at your own pace.


  • An affordable way to travel


If you are traveling on a pre-set budget, you must have planned everything carefully. This is when taking a taxi or renting a car can increase your expenses. However, to keep your expenses in control, you can always choose to travel in a public transport.


Thus, you can use the HOHO buses to travel from point A to point B. The day pass is reasonably priced and you won’t have to repeatedly pay for the transport systems.


  •  Learn about the local culture


One of the most important aspects of the HOHO bus is the tour commentators who give a meaningful experience to your trip. The fun commentary, informative facts and more will make your trip exciting. So listen to the commentary and flaunt your knowledge to your friends after returning from the vacation.


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Tour Tips to Make Your Day Enjoyable


  • Getting yourself organized can help save time. Preplan the time you wish to spend at a particular attraction to save time wasted in waiting for hop on hop off buses.


  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you may need to walk a lot.


  • The open deck can get windy or hot; make sure to carry an extra layer of clothing or headgear.


Tying in meaningful experiences as you travel on the JCBL HOHO bus will make your adventure through the beautiful scenic an even more rewarding trip! Share with us your experience of travelling in HOHO also let us know what other features a sight seing bus should have for an elevated experience?


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