How Effective is CCTV in Buses?

How effective is CCTV in buses?
How effective is CCTV in buses?


Do you agree that safety and security on the Public Transport remain questionable even after unfortunate incidents coming to the limelight? Is there a way to stop all the misconducts and mishappenings by capturing real-time information and acting on them instantly?


The foremost thing that comes to mind is CCTV camera. CCTV cameras are not a recent development; they were first used in World War II. The motive was totally different, but now the circumstances have changed, and they are widely used for safety and security purposes in various fields, throughout the world. This article will confine only to the uses of CCTV cameras in the buses.


“Walter Bruch was the inventor of the CCTV camera.”


Let’s divulge deeper into this topic for a concrete understanding of the pros and cons and effectiveness of CCTV cameras in buses.


the effectiveness of CCTV cameras in buses


How can CCTV cameras be beneficial?


What does CCTV camera do?


use of CCTV in buses


The CCTV camera captures and saves images (as well as audio, according to the systems chosen) of the passengers and the drivers. It helps to: 


1. Reduces the fear of crime

2. Reassures safety to the passengers

3. Helps in crime prevention

4. Prevents unlawful behavior and inappropriate conduct


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How can CCTV monitoring be beneficial?


how CCTV be benificial


The information collected via CCTV camera on public transport can be helpful to: 


1. Monitor any misconduct enroute public transport.

2. Provide evidence and assistance in any misconduct. 

3. Identify offenders for criminal offenses, criminal damage, public disorder, road traffic accidents, and harassment.

4. Investigate and provide evidence to take criminal, civil and disciplinary actions.

5. Collect passenger and transport data for future planning.


Worldwide Usage:

United Kingdom was the first country to install CCTV cameras in public places and public transport systems. Today, England ranks in the top that uses CCTV monitoring for safety and security. Top five cities that use CCTV cameras in public and private areas, as well as public transport systems, are— London, Beijing, Chicago, Houston, and New York.


safety and security on the Public Transport


Use in India:

Unfortunately, India has been a tardy late in addressing the issues of security through surveillance cameras in Buses. The unfortunate incident of Nirbhagya Case in December 2012 was an eye-opener for the need of extra security even en route public buses.  Ever since the Indian government has come forward with different policies and programs encouraging all the states to install CCTV cameras in the buses. Projects started after horrific incident of 2012 are:


  • Haryana Roadways— Even before the aftermath of the gruesome event, Haryana roadways had initiated the use of CCTV cameras at the bus stands to prevent any misconduct in May 2012 with an addition of CCTV cameras in a pilot project of 32 buses. This was further extended to 100 buses in 2013 at a cost of INR 10 Crores.


  • BEST Buses (Mumbai) — as per 2015 data, 4000 buses out of 4500 buses were equipped with CCTV cameras with recording facility to be managed by Verve, the CCTV installation company.


  • Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) — initially 500 buses out of a fleet of 6000 buses were equipped with CCTV cameras by 2015. Now in 2018, under Nirbhaya fund, 1000 more buses are geared up for the installation of CCTV cameras


is the third eye has an eye on you


  • Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) — Approx. 600 buses are equipped with surveillance cameras post-Dec 2012 incident. This has not only reduced the crime towards women but also helped in reducing pickpocketing and vandalism.


  • Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) — KSRTC had submitted a proposal for CCTV and received INR 32.7 crores for CCTV.


  • Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) — DTC started with a pilot project of 80 buses in 2014. With the success of this project, the numbers rose to 200 in 2015. Now there are further plans to increase the numbers to 6350 under Nirbhaya fund. It is estimated that the cost will be INR 140 crores.


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Are we safe now? Is the third eye, the camera, really protecting us?

So, do we feel safe now? Is this all that was required to bring safety to the citizens? That means now there will be no more incidents, and we are living in Lord Rama’s reign “Satyug”!!!


uses of CCTV cameras in the buses


Is everyone happy and satisfied of using CCTV cameras on buses; is the government ever ready to give grants and funding for this type of infrastructure? 


Well, the reality check— we still read about girls being molested on the buses; there was still an incident on an attempt to rape on the moving bus. Not only this, there has been opposition in the Parliament over funding of such projects. The Union Minister believes that it is a waste of public money as women are still being touched inappropriately. According to her, the bus camera cannot capture all the happenings as the cameras are still and not rotating. 

Even if there was no opposition, the credibility of the information to be retrieved will be limited. For how long will the information be available?


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Video surveillance cameras are by far the best and effective way to protect your home, family and belongings from theft and other criminal activities. No matter wherever you are, you can keep an eye on your home and personal property by installing video surveillance cameras in your home.

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