Mobile Medicare: Take A Look At All The Healthcare Vehicles JCBL Builds For A Healthier Nation

May 10, 2021 Karan 0
JCBL builds quality and robust designs for its healthcare vehicles
JCBL builds quality and robust designs for its healthcare vehicles

The recent health crisis in India due to COVID-19 has forced us all to take a good look at the existing healthcare system and how it can be improved. While the average ambulance price in India is already too high at around INR 20 lakh per piece, it is no wonder why most hospitals have a shortage of important logistics such as drugs and oxygen. Even with the international aid stepping in, it might be time that the Indian healthcare vehicles get an upgrade.


JCBL Manufactures a wide variety of healthcare vehicles


Many experts agree that lack of proper facilities in hospitals and many big hospitals covering a small population is the reason for sub-par medical care in India. However, there is one way that we can counter the problem, or at least buy enough time for the country to build better facilities, is through the use of mobile medical units. Often times, patients at a hospital even for minor problems need to circumvent a needlessly complicated system away from home. JCBL is set to change that situation. Let’s take a look at some of the ingenious solutions they have come up for healthcare vehicles in India.


  • Ambulances

Ambulances are the general purpose medical vehicles that can be used for a variety of purposes.


In terms of healthcare vehicles, the ambulance is the first picture that comes to our minds. To that end, it is imperative to effectively manufacture a medical unit that is most popular across the country and is often the first healthcare facility to the scene of any medical emergency. JCBL manufactures ambulances under the Life Plus+ designation, which are already in use across various major hospitals across Punjab. Developed with reliability and high utility in mind, these are equipped with all the facilities that a basic mobile medical unit may need, including a PA system, oxygen cylinders, emergency stretchers, and an operating table complete with all necessary medical supplies. JCBL have been responsible for more than 2000 ambulances all over India, all built to the established AIS125 regulations.


  • Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital can deliver intensive care to critical patients on site


For a more curative approach, JCBL manufactures mobile hospital units that can deliver a higher degree of medical care than regular ambulances. These mobile medical units can deliver care to remote areas, far away from the reach of regular hospitals. With a large chassis, mobile hospitals can carry out outreach programs that include transporting an entire crew of nurses, doctors, and assistants with heavy medical equipment such as ventilators and MRI machines. Ten such vehicles have already been delivered to the Haryana Health Department, with more being made for medical agencies across India.


  • Mobile Blood Collection Van

Blood collection vans provide an important duty to organize blood donation drives in remote areas and collect viable amounts of healthy blood for vulnerable patients.


When it comes to medical care, very few vehicles are designed to manage the literal lifeblood for human lives. JCBL’s Blood Collection Vans are vehicles dedicated to carry out massive blood donation drives across any landscape in the country. These vehicles ensure a smooth blood collection drive with all the necessary equipment such as refrigerated storage booths for blood, specialized donor beds, syringe system with regulators alongside various others. So far, 32 of such vehicles have been in use by the National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC) for their blood donation programs in remote regions of our country.


  • COVID-19 Mobile Test Lab

COVID-19 mobile test labs can help deliver specialized care for coronavirus-infected patients. Modified versions of such healthcare vehicles can even carry out quarantine duty in remote areas.


There is only so much you can do without specialized equipment. In a situation such as a worldwide pandemic, it is necessary to deliver mobile medical care to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible. Mobile COVID-19 testing labs are a solution. Packing all the necessary equipment to collect samples, conduct tests, and deliver vaccines and plasma to any location accessible by road, these mobile healthcare units can prove invaluable for taking the load off testing centres and hospitals. JCBL is a premiere manufacturer in the country that has also designed mobile COVID-19 quarantine vans that can house multiple patients for recovery and monitoring. To make lives easier for the patients, these can be equipped with CCTV, Wi-Fi, television sets, and even a workstation. Since these are still in prototype stages, a high degree of customization is available as per the region’s needs.


  • HMRI

HMRI vans are like field hospitals that can be rapidly deployed in a populated area to treat a high number of patients requiring intensive care.


In some cases, the medical conditions of patients calls for immediate intensive care on the spot. For such serious emergencies, JCBL delivers the HMRI vans that can house intensive care units and a dedicated team of trained technicians that can carry out the immediate medical procedures before the patients are safe to be transported to a hospital. With a higher cost than the average ambulance price in India, these can be effective in taking advantage of the golden hour when the hospital is too far away. Already, 200 of these vehicles are being operated in Andhra Pradesh, with further plans to expand this facility for 800 million citizens across India and Sri Lanka.


  • Caravan-Cum-Office Container

Caravan-Cum-Office containers are like mobile medical centres that can be set up on-site without requiring large scale construction or excessive healthcare supplies.


Originally designed as military medical centres, the Caravan-Cum-Office Medical Containers are the fastest way to set up a medical office in the field. Think of them as manufactured homes but for medical purposes. These mobile medical units can be easily transported to any area on a heavy duty truck and set up in just a few hours. Even though they are still prototypes, JCBL has the capability to manufacture them with all the facilities you need in a medical care centre such as beds, bathrooms, surgical tables, X-Ray machines, isolation wards, and many others. As per the design, CCO containers are built sturdily with reinforced steel and could last for years in the field.


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Relieving the stress on our nation’s medical facilities, which needs to provide healthcare to over 1.2 billion people, should be a priority especially in today’s uncertain times. We should not only focus on the patients but also on the doctors, nurses, and other personnel in the profession dedicated to keeping our lives long and healthy. With soaring ambulance prices in India across the board, JCBL offers a few alternatives that can make key facilities more accessible. These prove that the medical standards we deserve are within our grasp, if only we act to implement them effectively.


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