Top 5 Reasons Why JCBL Staff Buses Are The Best Choice For Most Employees To Commute Everyday

In recent times, people are slowly realizing what it means to buy and drive a private vehicle. With fuel and maintenance costs through the roof, most professionals are looking at alternatives such as rentals and public transport to save commuting costs. Although, the traditional image of those has never been appealing, JCBL staff buses are attempting to change that image in a rather enthusiastic way. When you can aptly report to your office in something like the Elite XL, let’s be honest, who would want to waste time dealing with morning traffic?



In collaboration with BharatBenz, one of the premium manufacturers of heavy vehicles in India, JCBL has been able to deliver on a lot more than just convenience for a staff bus price. These are fulfilling some of the much needed gaps in institutional transportation in India, catering to businesses and essential services like airport staff buses. These are a definitive and economical means of commute for people who work to keep their organizations and, in turn, the country going. So, why do these contributors prefer BharatBenz staff buses so much? Let’s find out.


  • Comfortable For The Ride



Considering that BharatBenz comes under the same wing as one of the most luxurious car manufacturers in the world, this one is rather obvious. A BharatBenz Staff Bus can come loaded with features that make your staff’s daily commutes less of a chore and more of a relaxing downtime. As staff boards the bus, the lower ramp and ample space gets them easily settled in. They can pull up an armrest, put their files for the day in the carriage bag, and prepare themselves for another day at the office. The seats have excellent quality of upholstery and overhead luggage space is more than enough for laptop size bags.


  • Rugged And Reliable



The greatness of a heavy vehicle starts at the the beginning. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at their disposal, JCBL ensure that if you pay staff bus prices, you get the reliability to go with it. BharatBenzstaff buses can go on for months without needing a proper check-up. That combined with the fuel-efficient BS VI rated engines save a lot of travel expenses for any business. This translates to a cheaper fare for all of the employees, putting less drain on their salaries. After all, saving your staff on micro-expenditures like these can always help with creating a trusted workforce that stays with you long-term.


  • Safety Without Compromise


All JCBL Staff Buses are made in accordance with AIS 052 and AIS 041 alongside all other government regulations for safety. As standard, all such buses come with safety features like ABS, rollover compliance, fire-retardant interior, guard rails, among various others. In light of the recent pandemic, JCBL also offers various measures to combat COVID-19, keeping the staff in the bus healthy and confident to report to the office without the fear of infection. These measures include a UV(Ultra Violet) air filtration system, automated sanitizer sprayers, and body temperature sensor chips for all passengers. These are often highly demanded in transitional staff location such as airport staff buses which have rotating staff every day and don’t have the means to test every one of them.


  • A Dedicated Service Network



One of the most prominent reasons JCBL staff buses have seen so much success in their field is because of how they extend their assistance to operators after helping them build their fleets. BharatBenz buses are reliable, sure, but that doesn’t mean leaving them out to go through the punishment of Indian roads. With JCBL, you have an access to a widespread service network that is just a call away 24/7 to assist with any maintenance and repairs. Considering the prices you would have paid for the staff buses, the warranty and maintenance plan is very competent and easy to finance. Moreover, access to services like ProServe that keep the buses in your fleet in peak condition for years to come.


  • Features Without Faults



Okay, so you’ve now got a good deal on the buses and set yourself up with a clean maintenance bill. Now is perhaps the best reason why most employees would prefer to ride on these buses. That is the extra features you signed up for. Air conditioning, adjustable seats, ambient LED lights, and automated chairlifts are just some of the luxuries that you can get on a BharatBenz staff bus. The extent of customization is immense, which is what makes these buses so much more desirable than the competition. With a supreme commuting experience for the entire staff, the productivity will surely be improved.


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In an era of uncertainty, it is better to exercise control to a good extent whenever possible. That cannot happen with private vehicles which are next to impossible to keep track of. A regular application of staff buses is called for that not only lightens the load of expenses from the employees but also lets the employer rest easy in the fact that they are keeping any undesirable elements from making their way into the organization. In effect, it can become a step in the direction back to normalcy in a swift and effective way.

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