Advanced Life Support Ambulances: What Makes JCBL The Best Ambulance Manufacturer In The Country

There are very few people who understood the significance of ambulances in India before the COVID cases surged to an all-time high. The recent conditions made us realize just how important mobile medical units are in the broader spectrum of healthcare. These are the specialized pieces of equipment that make their way first to the scene of any incident. As such, they need to be prepared for a lot of scenarios that a trained paramedic may encounter any time a call comes in for someone in need of immediate medical care.


There are not a lot of large-scale manufacturers that can fulfill a demand for a fleet of ambulances, much less that for advanced healthcare vehicles. However, JCBL is one of the few that can manufacture and deliver such important pieces of machinery within a reasonable time frame to any location within the country. One need only observe the recent venture of Advanced Life Support Ambulances as the bona fide proof. But what is it that makes these ambulances stand out from conventional means? Well, let’s find out!


  • Ambulance Built To The Code



Any good automobile starts with a rugged and thoroughly tested design. The same holds in the case of ambulances. As time is always against ambulances in India, it is imperative to have them stick to code as decided by various government bodies to keep them safe and functional. JCBL’s Advanced Life Support Ambulances are no exception. These are built with compliance to all AIS, ISO, and IMA requirements alongside all other government standards for road-going vans. The colour schemes and lights can be modified depending on the requirements of the State.


  • State-Of-The-Art Medical Technology



Modern medical technology has enabled us to turn the tide in the favour of saving a patient from the brink. Why should it be kept from Indian ambulances? Advanced Life Support Ambulances from JCBL are equipped with all the latest equipment that can be needed in a regular mobile medical unit. Standards like high-quality oxygen cylinders, ECG machines, defibrillators, and PPE kits are all present. We source our equipment from the best medical manufacturers in the country, making sure that all of them work regardless of the day or time of need. With a separate electrical supply and extra storage for sensitive cargo like vaccines, these ambulances are ready to face whatever heads their way.


  • Highly Customizable Healthcare Vehicle



Different regions across the country require different medical services on wheels. These can also change over time. The best example can be seen today when oxygen cylinders and ventilators are given priority over ultrasound and MRI machines. As such, ambulances need to cope up with the changing demands. One of the biggest advantages Advanced Life Support Ambulances have over other advanced healthcare vehicles is the degree of customization. These can be retrofitted with all manners of gadgets such as Bi-PAP machines, X-rays, Ultrasonic cleaners, surgical tables among various others. The large space in the back can hold a lot of equipment and still has space for some creature comforts like fans, air conditioning, and digital LCD.


  • Robust And Reliable Medical Units



Reliability is something no mobile medical unit should shy away from. It can cost someone their life if an ambulance breaks down in the middle of an emergency or needs repairs out of nowhere. Thankfully, no such scenario is experienced by those in an Advanced Life Support Ambulance. Built for the trials and tribulations of the Indian roads, this is a highly dependable automobile with a strong chassis and a suspension that provides substantial comfort. Additionally, the diesel engines need very little maintenance to keep going with optimum performance, ensuring that the ambulance makes it wherever it is needed right on time.


  • Ready At A Moment’s Notice



JCBL’s vast service network that spans pan India makes sure that all the vehicles are readily deployed with minimum time spent in maintenance. You never know when an advanced healthcare vehicle like this would be needed, so it is necessary to keep them on standby for as long as possible, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. All such vehicles undergo a thorough inspection for any faults. Cleaning is also an important aspect, as ambulances often collect disease samples that can infect any future patients on board. JCBL ensures all ambulances leave the service centre spic and span, properly sanitized and each corner cleaned with modern methods such as UV filters to minimize the risk of a mishap.


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There is no way that you can ever decide a value for human life. Each one is precious and deserve the best medical care our country has to offer. Ambulances in India have seen a rather grim representation over the decades, so it is about time that it is changed for good. These vehicles play an important role in our nation’s medicare system, with the recent pandemic revealing just how useful they can be. Of course, deploying a large fleet of advanced healthcare vehicles to reinforce this system and even take some load off from the hospitals is a huge challenge. However, JCBL has proved that it is up to the task with its Advanced Life Support Ambulances.

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