Understanding Of Sleeper Bus Regulations AIS 119

Sleeper buses are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of intercity travel. The people in the industry have already started to tweak around the original structure of the buses in India, for instance, tweaking the rear roof of the bus to increase the height in order to accommodate an extra berth. Some people go a step further to lower the floor room so that there is some extra space for passengers in the lower berth. Well, we are not sure whether the leading bus manufacturers need to be complained, as most of these changes are requested by traveling customers.

In any angle, a regulation for sleeper coaches is the most needed thing of the hour in order to prevent bus manufacturers to go their own way in building their buses to build their own profits. A good regulation will streamline the process of sleeper coach manufacturing and make the necessary changes that is needed to build a safe and ethical sleeper coach. A regulation has been launched, “AIS – 119 Specific Constructional Requirements for Sleeper Coaches”, this particular regulation has been in the draft since 2012 and finally it is launched to benefit the bus manufacturers as well as the public to enjoy a safe travel. In this article, we will examine the sleeper bus regulation to see what the exact changes that have been brought forth are. We will see what kind of impact the new regulations will have on the already existing standard. After the implementation of the sleeper regulations, every state in India can register for sleeper buses unlike in the present scenario where few states like the Tamil Nadu, Kerala are not allowed to register.


The AIS-052 Code of Practice for Bus Body Design is a regulation that provides details about the construction of buses and provides safety to the sitting and standing passengers. At the same time, there was a need for providing safety regulation for the sleeper coaches which was non-existent at that time. The safety and comfort were some of the important aspects that were taken into considerations while drafting the codes for the safety regulation of sleeper coaches. Some of the states have their own regulations for sleeper coaches in the absence of a standard code. Under such circumstances, the CMVR – technical standing committee during its 16th meeting came with the idea to bring forth a standard for sleeper coach buses involving the concerned stakeholders. The meetings gained progress and during the 18th meeting the CMVR_TSC decided to collect information on sleeper coaches from SIAM and monitor the rules across all the states available on the bus body making subject before finalizing on the standard for sleeper coaches.

Understanding the new Sleeper Coach Regulation


Sleeper Coach Regulations

During the 32nd meeting of AISC, it was decided to have a separate standard for sleeper coaches AIS-119 Standard for Sleeper Coaches that was in line with the AIS-063 Requirements of School Buses. The general Bus Body Code AIS – 052 remains to be the basic standard and the other standards cover more detailed aspects of bus body making.

Sleeper buses are categorized as Type IV in terms of bus body code and application wise they are considered to be Type-III intercity buses. As per regulations, the buses can be fully air-conditioned or non AC buses. One of the unexpected results of the sleeper regulations were, the buses can be either a full sleeper of a sleeper and a seater. The berths are meant to be designed only on the longitudinal axis, so the coupe styled Andhra Pradesh based cross wise berths aren’t allowed as per the new regulations.


The 2X2 berths are not allowed anymore like the ones in Maharashtra buses and some of the buses in the east. The berth layouts are restricted to 1 X 1 or 2 X 1 according to the new regulations for sleeper coaches. As far as the head room is concerned, it is calculated to be around 800mm, whereas for the AC and non AC buses it is calculated at 600mm to accommodate the air-conditioners as well. The new regulations state that the buses should have a minimum of 4 emergency exits including two roof hatches. The sleeper coach can be up to 1800mm in length and 600 mm in width. Earlier the lower berth was placed very close to the floor, to put a check to such design flaws, the regulation has come up with metrics where the height of the lower berth should be 200 – 350 mm from the uncompressed cushion of the berth.

The new regulations also cover details about providing a pillow for the birth. The pillows and the cushion material should be made out of a fire retardant type. Additional requirements include providing restraint facility in the upper berth that prevents passengers from falling down from the upper berth and provision for proper access to the upper berth should be given too. The lower berth needs to be reserved for differently abled and a call bell should be provided.


Bharat Benz Sleeper Coach


Bharat Benz Sleeper Coach By JCBL

Bharat Benz, the synonymous name for luxury launches its much awaited BS-IV sleeper coach built by JCBL. The bus fills in the segment of 12m 16 T intercity chassis category quite well. The luxury, entertainment, and comfort make this bus an attractive ride for travelers. The bus has an ergonomic design in order to improve its performance as well as its fuel efficiency. The sides, roof, and rear of the bus are fitted with tubular sections to aid to the ergonomic design. These features help the bus to attain its maximum performance easily. The Bharat Benz buses in India are known for their performance, through these ergonomic design features, it achieves its full potential like always.


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The inter-city travel buses that are filled with a host of features to keep the travelers delighted. First of all, the motorized reclining berths are a comfortable option for passengers who can simply drag or pull the seats with just a touch of a button. The bus body builder in Punjab, JCBL has come up with a technologically advanced category of buses. The passenger door, for instance, operates automatically with the electrical fittings. The floors are neatly applied with plywood for good looks and to provide a good grip while walking on the aisle. The rear mirror in the driver’s seat can be electronically adjusted. One of the highlights of this bus is the infotainment screen provided in every passenger seat. The 13.5” LED screens will surely keep everyone entertained all through the journey without any doubt. Every detail has been thought out that’s what makes this 12 meter 16T buses in India all the more special.


With a lot of safety features, utility, comfort, luxury, and performance, makes this 12w m 16T bus a great competitor to the traveling industry in the inter city travel segment. The Bharat Benz manufactured by JCBL is a true spectacle and one of the most luxurious and comfortable buses to travel at the moment.


Please share your experience in traveling in sleeper buses and opinions about the new regulations devised for sleeper coaches.

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