Why Happy Bus Is The Safest School Bus?

School time is one of the most precious times in our life. It is a time that we often like to reminisce about the fun events that took place. Children are the future generation, and proper care should be taken while transporting kids between school and home. Schools in India follow the directives of the higher authority to provide a safe and comfortable commute to children. That is why; JCBL has built happy buses, the safest buses of all to travel back and forth to school with great comfort and safety. JCBL is among the leading school bus manufacturers in India that provides a wide range of school buses that meet varied requirements.

JCBL’s happy bus is fitted with all the accessories and features to make your child’s ride a joyful and safe one. JCBL follows all the safety regulations while manufacturing the buses for safety reasons. It’s one among the leading school bus brands in India that provide a feature-rich and high-quality buses for school.


First aid box


First aid box in happy bus


The buses for school are loaded with many features, one among it is the first-aid box. The first-aid box is essential in environments where you expect an accident. The best school buses in India definitely need the first-aid box to be able to provide immediate medical procedures in case of emergency. JCBL understands the importance and provides a first-aid kit that comes very handy in a school bus.

Horizontal Grills


Horizontal grills in happy bus

JCBL once again takes high precautionary measures while building best school buses in India. It fulfills the requirement to fit horizontal grills along the window sides. We all understand that kids are not matured enough yet to take care of things by themselves. So it falls under our responsibility to provide them with a safe environment. The horizontal grills placed along the side of the windows provide them with extra safety for children from peeping outside during travel.


Fire Extinguisher

 Fire extinguisher in happy bus


There are more reasons to emphasize on the safety of traveling in a happy bus from JCBL. Every bus is equipped with a fire extinguisher to put off the fire in case of a fire accident.


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Reliable doors and locks

 Doors in happy bus


The best school bus ever is manufactured with high degree of quality so there is no need to worry while you are riding in one of the happy buses. For example, the doors are equipped with reliable locks so it is tightly shut for safety reasons. JCBL is a fully committed automotive company and takes the safety concerns quite seriously. High-quality products are used at every level to ensure the longevity of the buses and the overall quality of the bus. JCBL takes pride in how Indian school buses are made with the highest quality to provide a safe environment for children traveling to school. JCBL is also a leader among school bus manufacturing companies in providing high-quality buses. JCBL also provides a league of luxury school buses that comes with extra comfort and sophistication.


Storage spaces

 Storage spaces in happy bus


There are spaces beneath the seats where children can keep their bags during travel. This is a very useful feature as it can be a hassle for children to carry or keep their heavy bags for the period of their travel. As soon as the children step into the bus and come to their seats, they can easily remove their bags and place them beneath the seats for a comfortable commute to their school.


Yellow Colour

 Yellow color happy bus

The school cab is completely painted in yellow color as per the directive of the Supreme Court and a horizontal strip of green color with a width of 150mm runs all around the vehicle marked by the school bus on all four sides of the bus. The reason why school buses are yellow in color is because; the color yellow can be easily distinguished when compared to any other colors. So, school buses are easily identifiable and give room for vehicles to drive with care while nearing a school bus.


CCTV cameras


 CCTV camera in happy bus


There are provisions for GPS and CCTV cameras in future school buses. It’s a new mandate that school bus makers install CCTV camera for security purpose. The school bus of the future has many features and new specifications that make the ride to the school a happy and safe one. As technology constantly improves, they are also incorporated into our everyday lives for a better living. The same holds good for school buses when it comes to providing a safe environment for kids to travel to school. The high-resolution camera provides a great resolution that can capture images and can later be used for many purposes. The GPS is also a value added feature that helps the driver to find out routes at the comfort of a GPS.


Emergency door

 Emergency door in happy bus


The buses are fitted with emergency exits on the rear end on the right-hand side and another on the rear end of the bus. The students are taught how to use the emergency exits. Emergency exits are generally easy to use so that it does not take a lot of effort to open the doors during an emergency situation. Flashing lights or buzzer is installed on the driver’s end to notify the driver that an emergency door is open. Moreover, the bus comes to a complete stop and incapable of motion when the emergency doors are open.



 Happy bus footsteps

The footsteps are designed as per the specification of the standards to not be more than 220mm from the ground. So that it is easier for kids to board and get off the bus with ease and safety. The bus also comes to a complete stop and is incapable of motion until the steps are retracted back. Children are supposed to board the bus after the bus comes to a stop and the driver signals that they are good to board the bus.


Tips for a Safe Ride

 Tips for a safe ride in happy bus


Of course, every measure is taken to prevent children from any kind of injuries. However, parents should teach their children about safety precautions while boarding, traveling and getting off the bus. It is the responsibility of not just the school officials to provide a safe traveling environment, but everyone should take an equal responsibility when it comes to providing safety. Parents should take equal effort in educating their children about the do’s and don’ts while traveling in a bus.


Getting on the bus


  • While you are waiting for the bus, stay away from traffic and avoid any reckless behaviour that might cause disturbance to the driver or public
  • Make sure that you are not straying onto the streets, alleys or any private property.
  • Make way for the bus as it arrives at your destination
  • Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the bus doors are open for boarding.
  • Use handrails while boarding the bus


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While boarding the bus


  • Wear seat belts while you are traveling on the bus. Always advise your children to wear seat belts at all times
  • Avoid making noises while you are traveling on the bus as it can distract the driver
  • Remain in your seat until the bus reaches your school.
  • Don’t put your head or arms outside the window
  • Place your bags in the storage area and keep the aisles free from bags and books
  • Get all your belongings before your bus reaches your destination and be prepared to get down off the bus
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before you get up from the seat.


Getting off the bus


  • While you are getting off the bus use the hand rails to carefully exit the bus
  • If it is required to cross the bus, first walk up to 10 feet to make sure that the driver is visible, and then continue to cross the road.
  • While you are crossing the bus make sure that the driver can clearly see you
  • When the driver's signals to you, watch traffic on both sides of the road before you cross the road
  • Always stay away from the rear wheels of the bus


More Safety Tips


  • Always ensure that you arrive at the bus stop earlier, at least 5 minutes prior to your boarding time is preferable.
  • Don’t stand towards the edge of the road, stand at least 10 feet away for safety
  • Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and the driver signals to board the bus.
  • Ensure that you can comfortably board the bus holding the handrails, and there are no objects dangling which can get caught on the handrails or any place else.
  • Check the road for traffic before you get off the bus
  • Always leave space of at least 10 feet while you are crossing the bus because at shorter distances the driver may not be able to see you.
  • Always be alert of traffic. Look towards your left, right and once again on left before you cross the road
  • While you are waiting for the bus, stay in a safe place away from the street.
  • Don’t try to pick things that are near or under the bus, if you have to pick something that has fallen, warn the driver before you pick it up.
  • Always cross the road in front of the bus and not behind the bus
  • Be seated and sit quietly while the bus is traveling, because the driver needs a quite environment to not be distracted while driving.
  • Do not throw objects into the bus; keep the aisles clean from any bags or books lying down.
  • If there are a lot of children that need to board the bus, let the smaller children board the bus first.
  • Avoid fighting inside the bus during travel, as this can distract the driver easily.


Share about your experience as a parent or school kid about traveling in school buses and what are the ways by which we can make the commuting experience between school and our residence a safer one. 

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